Green Energy & Renewables

Our environment is our lifeline and it’s health will determine our future.  Our economies, our food production, our enjoyment of everyday life - all of this is dependent on what we do now to prevent climate change.

We are lucky in the Territory because we have plenty of sunlight to power our transition to renewables.  The revolution in the energy market is already in motion and I don’t want to see the Territory and our workforce left behind.

That's why myself and the Federal Labor team is committed to net zero emissions by 2050.

We will help ensure a smooth transition from non-renewable, greenhouse gas-emitting forms of energy to green, clean renewables. This means skilling up our workforce, so a key part of Labor’s net zero emissions plan is to introduce New Energy Apprenticeships.

Labor has committed $100 million to support the creation of 10,000 apprenticeships which will train young people in the new energy jobs of the future. As private industry and our trading partners embrace net zero emissions, it is crucial for Australia to start offering these sort of innovative apprenticeships.

A Federal Labor Government will also connect 100,000 Australian homes to clean, emission-free community batteries, which will lower power bills and make households less reliant on the electricity grid. 

Labor’s Electric Car Discount will make electric vehicles cheaper so that more families who want them can afford them.  A Labor Government will exempt electric vehicles from import tariffs and where they’re provided through work, fringe benefits tax, saving Australians thousands.

We can’t afford to be inactive on climate change and the environment.  I’ll do everything I can to make sure that our water, our river systems and our environment is protected.