Australia has some of the highest child-care costs in the world. Under the Liberal/National Coalition Federal Government, fees have increased by more than 35 per cent for families with two kids.

A Labor Government will make child-care cheaper for 90 per cent of families with children in care, putting money back in their pockets.  We’ll increase the child-care subsidy for over one million working families, and we’ll remove the annual cap on child-care benefits.

The current system is broken.  Many families lose money if the main carer works more than three days every week, due to the cost of child-care. This means that many families across Australia and in the Territory must choose between working for nothing or staying home.

A Federal Labor Government is committed to ensuring that all Australian kids get the same, first-rate start to their education. Labor knows that when women are empowered to choose to return to work, our families, communities, and economy all do better.