Media Release - Tabling of COTA NT's Territory Rights Petition in Canberra

22 November 2021

CANBERRA - 22 November 2021

Today in the Federal Parliament in Canberra, I tabled the Council of the Ageing NT petition calling for full Territory Rights to be restored through the repeal of the Andrews Bill.  


The petition, titled Repeal Section 50A of the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978 to allow the NT to enact laws dealing with voluntary assisted dying, was signed by over a thousand Northern Territorians in hard copy and online, who want to have equal rights to those Australians living in the states.


People living in the ACT are also discriminated against by the Andrews Bill.


Also today, the Morrison Government had the opportunity to debate NT Senator Sam McMahon’s bill to ensure Northern Territory Rights, but they did not allow it.


The bill was slated for debate in the Senate but was dropped from the notice paper.


It is shameful that the Coalition does not support full rights for the Northern Territory.


It is clear that Scott Morrison and the Government he leads have no interest in giving Australians living in the Territories equal rights to all other citizens to be able to make decisions for themselves. 


I congratulate COTA NT for its advocacy, and urge all Territorians to stand with us and keep fighting until we attain equal rights to those Australians living in the States.